Handguns-Antique & other Non FFL Items


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Allen & Wheelock 28cal Civil War inscription---$2250.00

Allen & Wheelock, 32 side hammer, ivory grips---$675.00

Apache Knuckle Duster, 7mm---$3895.00

Belgium Pryse Type Revolver, 455cal, engraved---$1250.00

Berger Repeating Pistol, 7mm---$4975.00

Bergmann No3, 6.5mm, antique, self loading pistol---$4295.00

Chicago Palm Pistol, 32cal---$2295.00

Colt Cloverleaf, 41cal, Engraved with pearl grips---$2950.00

Danish 1880, 9mm Officers model Military proofed---$3995.00

David Nixon large bore percussion double cased set---$6995.00

Dutch 1873 Old Model, 9.4mm with holster---$1750.00

Dutch 1873 New Model, 9.4mm, Military Proofed---$1150.00

Dutch 1873, 9.4mm, Officer model---$2375.00

Dutch 1891 Knil, 9.4mm rare commerical---$2395.00

Enfield 1884 MKII, 476cal Northwest Mounted Police issue---$3495.00 ON HOLD

English Bentley, 9mm percussion, cased set---$4795.00

Fagnus 1874, 11mm, Chamelot - Delvigne---$1150.00

Flare Pistol US Navy MK4, 10 gauge---$185.00

Flare pistol, Sedgley Mark IV, 37mm, pistol kit---$295.00

Flare Pistol, German Model L, 26.5mm, Luftwaffe, 1944, MINT---$845.00

French 1873 Revolver, 11mm, Dated 1875---$895.00

French 1873, 11mm, dated 1880---$845.00

French 1874, 11mm, Dated 1885---$1475.00

French 1892, 8mm dated 1892 shooting prize---$1895.00

French 1892, 8mm, Naval issue, dated 1895---$945.00

French 1917 Flare Pistol, 25mm---$235.00

French Type 913, 22mm, Aviator Flare Pistol---$425.00

Galand single shot, 44cal, target pistol, cased pair---$4995.00

Galand 1872, 11mm, German Crown U proofed---$2650.00

Galand 1874, 11mm sporting model nicely engraved---$5950.00

Galois No1, 8mm, Palm Pistol, with Cigar Case---$1795.00

Gasser Montenegrin Revolver, 11.3mm, Deluxe Silver Dot Engraved---$1375.00

German Double Action, 9mm, Retailed by Kreighoff---$525.00

German Single Shot Target Pistol, 10.5mm, H. Barella Berlin---$1275.00

German Model SL, 26.5mm, single barrel stainless steel flare pistol---$3650.00

German Model SL, 26.5mm, Double Barrel Kriegsmarine, Flare Pistol---$2875.00

German Eisfeld Flare pistol, 11mm---$875.00

German Double Barrel Model Submarine Flare Pistol, 26.5mm---$3275.00

Hopkins & Allen XL No3, 32RF, Nimschke pattern engraving, ivory grips---$595.00

Japanese Type 10 Flare Pistol, 35mm---$795.00

Japanese Kayaba Type 90 Flare Pistol, 27mm---$945.00 ON HOLD

LeVaux Prototype, 11mm, Solid Frame, Hammerless---$3750.00

LeVaux model 1891, 9mm, Danish Navy---$1475.00

Manville, 25mm, 18 shot tear gas gun---$3750.00

Mauser 1878 Zig-Zag, 7.6mm---$4795.00

Mauser 1878, 10.6mm, Zig-Zag---$11,450.00

Nagant 1874 Double Barrel Pistol, 9.4mm---$2350.00

Nagant 1878/86, 9.4mm, Belgium Military---$1995.00

Olin Flare pistol, 12 gauge, includes case---$49.95

Passler + Seidl 1887, 7.5mm---$18,750.00
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