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Berger Repeating Pistol, 1st Model, 7mm---$8795.00

Berger Repeating Pistol, 7mm---$4795.00

Bergmann 1896, No3, 6.5mm-outstanding---$7450.00

Chicago Palm Pistol 32 caliber---$1995.00

Danish 1880, 9mm Officers model Military proofed---$3295.00

David Nixon large bore percussion double cased set---$6995.00

Dutch 1873 New Model, 9.4mm, Military Proofed---$995.00

Dutch 1873, 9.4mm, Officer model---$1975.00

Dutch 1891 Knil Revolver, 9.4mm, Rare variation---$1575.00

Enfield MKI, 476 cal---$4695.00

English Bentley, 9mm percussion, cased set---$4795.00

Fagnus Double Action Revolver, 11mm, Mint---$1395.00

Flare Pistol US Navy MK4, 10 gauge---$185.00

Flare Pistol, German Model L, 26.5mm, Luftwaffe, 1944, MINT---$845.00

Flare Pistol Yugoslavian M-57, 26mm---$225.00

Flobert Blank/Starter pistol 22 caliber---$145.00

French 1873 Revolver, 11mm, Dated 1875---$695.00

French 1873, 11mm, dated 1880---$695.00

French 1874, 11mm, Dated 1878---$1295.00

French 1892, 8mm, Shooting Prize, Dated 1892---$1795.00

French Type 913, 22mm, Aviator Flare Pistol---$425.00

Galand single shot, 44cal, target pistol, cased pair---$4995.00

Galand 1868 12mm Large frame Revolver---$1195.00

Galand 1874, 11mm sporting model factory engraved---$4950.00

Gasser Montenegrin Revolver, 11.3mm, Deluxe Silver Dot Engraved---$1275.00

German Double Barrel Model Submarine Flare Pistol, 26.5mm---$3275.00

H+R Double Action, 32cal, S+W Nickel Finish---$195.00

Italian 1889 Bodeo revolver 10.35mm-dated 1890---$695.00 ON HOLD

Iver Johnson American Bulldog, 38cal, Factory engraved with bone grips---$475.00

Japanese Baby Nambu Replica---$675.00

LeVaux 1891 Danish Navy revolver 9mm---$995.00 ON HOLD

LeVaux Prototype, 11mm, Solid Frame, Hammerless---$1895.00

Mauser 1878 Zig-Zag, 7.6mm---$4295.00

Mauser 1878, 10.6mm, Zig-Zag---$9995.00

Moore #1 Derringer, 41RF, Eagle Engraved---$2295.00

Nagant 1893 Norwegian, 7.5mm---$645.00

Nambu T-26, 9mm, Early Revolver---$975.00

Olin Flare pistol, 12 gauge, includes case---$49.95

Passler + Seidl 1887, 7.5mm---$16,750.00

Perrin 10.4mm, full coverage factory engraved---$4950.00

Pinfire Large Frame Revolver, 9mm---$1275.00

Pinfire Revolver, 7mm, gold lined engraving, includes case---$2175.00

Raphael Revolver, 11mm---$3450.00

Reich Revolver Model 1883, 10.6mm, Officers Model built by Dreyse, Rare double action---$2195.00

S-B Knife Pistol Revolver, 5.5mm, Folding blade---$2795.00

Schulhof 1884 II, 10.6mm--Rare European repeater pistol-$11,750.00

S+W Model 1 1/2, 32cal, engraved + inscribed with letter---$1750.00

S+W No2 Army, 32cal---$1795.00

S&W Single Action, .38 Cal, Relief Carved Pearl Grips---$2250.00

Swedish model 1871, 11mm, built by Husqvarna---$2295.00
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