Handguns- Modern  A-M
Post 1898



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Astra 200, 6.35mm, Includes Box---$525.00

Astra 300, 380cal, WWII Nazi Proofed, Excellent---$1450.00

Astra 300/3 380 caliber-Factory engraved-Nazi WWII History---$POR$

Astra 400, 9mm, Nazi Contract Pistol---$2295.00

Astra 3000 7.65mm Hamburg Police---$795.00

Astra 3003 7.65mm-factory engraved-silver finish---$3295.00

Beretta 1915, 9mm, $1650.00

Beretta 1915-19, 7.65mm, Italian Navy---$1750.00...Outstanding

Beretta 1923, 9mm, Slotted for stock, Includes holster---$2895.00

Beretta 1931, 7.65mm, straight grip Navy---$2875.00

Bergmann 1910, 9mm, with Original Holster Stock---$15750.00

Bergmann 1910/21 9mm Haerens Rustkammer 2 matching magazines-2 stripper clip and holster---excellent rig...$8495.00

Bergmann Mars 1903, 9mm, Includes Stock---$11,950

Bergman Simplex, 8mm, 1st Type---$3495.00

Bertrand Le Rapid, 6.35mm---$995.00

Bertrand Continental, 6.35mm, Serial #1---$1295.00

Bronco Model 1918, 7.65mm, Small Pocket Pistol---$245.00

Browning 1900, 7.65mm, Factory Nickel---$2395.00

Browning 1903, 9mm, Turkish contract, 1st Model Model---$3795.00 Very nice

Browning 1903, 380cal, Includes wooden holster stock---$4750.00

Browning 1910/55, 380cal, Renaissance Engraved---$3950.00 ON HOLD

Browning 1922, 380cal, T.C. Subay Turkish officer model---$895.00

Browning 1922, 7.65mm, Late WWII Nazi Issue---$595.00

Browning High Power, 9mm, Renaissance Engraved, Excellent----$4295.00

Browning Hi-Power, 9mm, prewar military, includes stock---$2495.00

Browning High Power, 9mm, Lithuanian Contract, Includes Holster---$3795.00

Capture Paper Grouping - 3 Guns for 1 Money... Mauser HSC - French 1935-A - Browning Hi-Power ---$4295.00

CZ 22, 380cal, Division Marked, Dated 1923---$1695.00

CZ 27, 7.65mm, Nazi WWII Issue---$565.00

CZ 27, 7.65mm, late war full phosphate---$575.00

CZ 27, 7.65mm, Police Eagle K, dated 1943---$2150.00

CZ 27, 7.65mm, Late War Nazi Issue, Full Phosphate---$575.00

CZ 38, 380cal, Bulgarian Contract with safety---$1995.00

Colt Combat Commander, 45ACP, Satin Nickel, Includes box---$1595.00

Colt Commando 38 special-Mint in Box with Letter---$1795.00. ON HOLD

Colt Government Model 45 acp-Built in 1924-1st year 1911A1 features---$3895.00

Colt 1900, 38cal, 2nd US Army Contract---$9975.00

Colt 1900 38 caliber built in 1902-Exceptionally nice example---$11950.00

Colt 1902 Military, 38cal, High polish blue---$4950.00

Colt 1902 Military, 38 caliber, early High Polish---$4295.00

Colt 1902 Military, 38cal, High polish blue, made in 1913---$5750.00 ON HOLD

Colt 1902 Military, 38cal, Made in 1920---$4950.00

Colt 1902 Military, 38cal, Made in 1921---$3450.00

Colt 1903 Hammerless, 32cal, Includes box---$1275.00 ON HOLD

Colt 1903 Hammerless, 32cal, Early 1st Issue---$2295.00

Colt 1903 Pocket 38 caliber 2nd Year production---$1875.00

Colt 1903 Hammerless, 32 caliber, 1st issue built in 1906---$1595.00

Colt 1903 Pocket 38 caliber-Very nice---$2995.00

Colt 1908 380 caliber-3rd Issue---$1375.00.

Colt 1909, 45LC, US Army-Exceptional--$3450.00

Colt 1911 45 cal Shipped to The American Expeditionary forces-France 1918---$8500.00

Colt 1911 455 caliber British contract---$4495.00

Colt 1911A1, 45cal, Made in 1943, English Proofed---$2695.00

Colt 1911A1 45 cal Remington Rand Built in 1943 Test Pistol?---$1795.00

Colt 1911, 45cal, DCM Sale, Mint in the box---$1995.00

Colt Government Model Series 80, 45ACP, Built in 1983---$825.00

Colt 1917, 45ACP, US Army Revolver, Excellent---$2275.00

Colt National Match 38 Special, Factory inscribed to Jac Weller---$3995.00

Colt SAA, 41 Colt, 1st Generation, Built in 1900---$1950.00

Colt Single Action Army, 45 Colt, 7 1/2" Barrel, Includes Holster---$3695.00

Colt SAA Bisley Model, 32-20cal, Made in 1902---$2650.00

Colt SAA Frontier Scout, 22LR - 22 Mag dual cylinder, Nickel, Includes original box---$1095.00

Colt 4th Model Derringer, 22cal, Cased pair---$465.00

DGFM Colt 1927 45 acp-Factory Presentation grouping---$6995.00

Colt 1911A1, 45cal, Ithaca Slide, Built in 1945---$2950.00 Very nice ON HOLD

Colt M1991A1, 45ACP, WWII Continuation of Serial Number---$975.00

Dictator Model A 6.35mm-Early variant---$1150.00

Dictator Model B 6.35mm-nice---$1275.00

Dreyse 1910, 9mm---$8895.00

Dutch 1891 Knil revolver-9.4mm---$695.00

DWM 1922, 7.65mm, Includes Original Box---$2695.00 ON HOLD

Enfield No 2 MKI, 38 caliber dated 1930-RASC Marked---$895.00 ON HOLD

Enfield No2 MKI*, 38 caliber DP Drill Purpose Training Pistol---$875.00

French 1892 8mm dated 1899---$595.00.

French 1935-A, 7.65mm, rare eagle 655---$4950.00

French 1935-A, 7.65mm, Nazi WWII issue-Excellent---$995.00 ON HOLD

French 1935-A, 7.65mm, Nazi WWII Issue---$895.00

French 1935-S, 7.65mm, French Military marked-Outstanding---$525.00

Frommer Baby 7.65mm-Hungarian Proofed---$895.00

Frommer Liliput 6.35mm Hungarian proofed-Superb---$945.00 ON HOLD

GyroJet Model B Survival, 13mm, camo green---$3875.00

HDH Vest Pocket, 6.35mm---$1995.00

Heinzelmann Heim, 6.35mm---$2495.00

Herman, 6.35mm, Prototype---$2195.00

High Standard Model 102, 22LR, Citation Space Gun, Mint with Box---$1350.00

High Standard Model 103 Supermatic Trophy 10" Space Gun Barrel, Mint in the box---$1850.00

High Standard Model R-101 Sentinel 22 Pink with case---$1095.00

High Standard Model R-101 Sentinel 22 Pink with case---$1195.00

Husqvarna 1887, 7.5mm, Unnumbered with no proofs, Mint---$895.00

Husqvarna 1907, 9mm, Swedish Military Full Rig----$1375.00

Inglis Hi-Power MKI*, 9mm, Belgium Reissue, 2 matched mags, Includes holster---$2895.00

Inglis Hi-Power, 9mm, #100,000, Inscribed---$8500.00

Kommer Model IV, 7.65mm, WWII Eagle N proofed---$1395.00.

Lahti M-40, 9mm, Danish Contract, Full rig---$1275.00

Lahti Valmet L-35, 9mm. Type 1, Built in 1941, Include Holster---$6350.00

Le Monoblog Model 1, 6.35mm, Factory Engraved Inscribed---$2350.00

Le Page, 7.65mm, Factory Engraved---$1850.00

Le Steph, 6.35mm, Steel Grip Panels---$1395.00

Llama Especial, 7.65mm, Mini 1911, Includes Box---$525.00

Llama Model III-A, 380 Caliber, Chrome Finish---$435.00
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