Handguns-Antique & other Non FFL Items


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Berger Repeating Pistol, 1st Model, 7mm---$8795.00

Bergmann 1896, No3, 6.5mm-Superb---$5795.00

Colt 1849 Pocket-31 caliber-Built in 1852---$445.00

Colt 1860 Army, 44 caliber-Civil War Issue---$2150.00 ON HOLD

Colt New Line 22 caliber-Factory Engraved, Ivory Grips---$1475.00

Danish 1880, 9mm Officers model Military proofed---$3295.00

Dolne Apache Knuckle Duster-7.5mm-Oddity---$4950.00

Dutch 1880, 9mm, Officers Model, Military Proofed, Rarely Seen---$3195.00

Flare Pistol CZech VZ30, 26.5mm, Nazi proofed---$2495.00

Flare Pistol-German Model SL Nazi Navy -26.5mm---$1995.00

Flare Pistol Olin, 12 gauge, includes case---$49.95

Flame Thrower Pistol-US Military M21A---$2495.00

French 1837 Navy Belt Pistol, 61 caliber---$675.00. ON HOLD

French 1837 Navy Belt Pistol, 61 caliber---$775.00

French 1873, 11mm, dated 1880---$695.00 ON HOLD

French 1874 11mm officers revolver dated 1875---$1375.00

French 1874, 11mm, Dated 1878---$1295.00

French Model F1 MAC 1950 training flashlight pistol with case---$1695.00

French Type 913, 22mm, Aviator Flare Pistol---$425.00

Gasser 1870 11.3 mm Austrian Revolver---$1295.00

Gasser Montenegrin Revolver, 11.3mm, Deluxe Silver Dot Engraved---$1275.00---SALE---$995.00

German Model L-26.5mm Double Barrel Luftwaffe Flare pistol with Capture Paper---$1095.00

German LP-42, 26.5mm Flare Pistol-WWII Nazi Issue---$375.00

Hopkins & Allen Ranger No 2, 32 caliber---$135.00

Johnson Model 1836, 54 Caliber Percussion, Dated 1844---$595.00

LeVaux Prototype Revolver, 11mm-Loading Gate extraction---$1295.00

Maltby Henley Safety Hammerless Revolver, 32 caliber, Factory Engraved---$675.00

WW Marston 3 barrel 32 Derringer-Oddity---$1650.00

Moore #1 Derringer, 41RF, Eagle Engraved---$2295.00

Moore's Front Loading Revolver 32 caliber---$395.00

Mauser 1896 Broomhandle Conehammer, 76.3mm, Watson Bros-Retailer marked---$5995.00

Perrin Double Action Presentation Revolver, 10.4mm-Fully Engraved---$4750.00

Pinfire Double Action Revolver, 9mm-silver inlay---$1150.00

Pinfire Revolver-7.5mm-Deluxe with Pipe Case---$1095.00 ON HOLD

Raphael Revolver, 11mm---$3450.00

Rast-Gasser 1898, 8mm, Experimental Double Action Only---$1175.00

Remington New Model Army, 44 caliber---$695.00

Sleeve Gun Tear Gas Pistol---$3475.00

S&W 38 Single Action Revolver with Carved Pearl Grips---$1395.00

Swedish Model 1871, 11mm, built by Husqvarna---$2495.00

Swiss 1872/78, 10.4mm, Brass Experimental---$7500.00

Tranter 1868 380 caliber-Factory Engraved-Nickel---$2495.00

Webley Longspur Revolver-3rd Model---$2650.00

Webley Mark I 455 caliber-Nickel Cogswell & Harrison travelers case-ID'D---$5995.00

Webley Mark II Pocket, 380 cal Retailer Cased-John Dickson-Edinburgh---$3495.00 ON HOLD

Webley No4, 476 caliber-Factory nickel---$1695.00

Webley Percussion Revolver, 42 caliber-Cased Set---$2750.00

Webley Solid Frame Revolver, 34 caliber-Retailer Cased---$2695.00

Webley WG Model 1889, 476 cal-ID'd to Leut. Col. G.E.W. Bird, Cased---$4250.00

Webley WG 1893, 455 caliber, 7 1/2" Target-Nickel-Cased-Fantastic---$4995.00
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