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Webley Kaufman 2nd Model, 455 caliber, with a factory oak case---$3950.00

Webley Longspur 1853 Revolver-1st Model---$1595.00

Webley Longspur Revolver-3rd Model---$2650.00

Webley Mark I, 45 LC, 6" barrel-Shooter---$595.00 ON HOLD

Webley Mark I 455 caliber-Nickel Cogswell & Harrison travelers case-ID'D---$5995.00

Webley Mark III Pocket 38 caliber, Unique holster rig---$875.00

Webley Mark II Pocket, 380 cal Retailer Cased-John Dickson-Edinburgh---$3495.00

Webley No4, 450 caliber-Pryse opening system---$995.00 ON HOLD

Webley No5, 360 caliber-Factory Engraved & Cased---$3495.00

Webley Pryse 455 caliber-retailer marked with Holster---$1595.00 ON HOLD

Webley Solid Frame Revolver, 320 caliber-Dublin---$1195.00

Webley WG Model 1889, 455 caliber, Nickel finish, ID'd to a Colonel---$1975.00

Webley WG Model 1889, 476 cal-ID'd to Leut. Col. G.E.W. Bird, Cased---$4250.00

Webley WG Model 1893, 455 caliber, 7 1/2" Nickel with Oak Case---$3995.00

Webley WG, Model 1893 Target, 450/455, 7 1/2" barrel---$2495.00

Webley WG Army Model, 455 caliber, ID'd to a Major---$1495.00

Webley WG Target Model 450/455 caliber-Rare 4" Barrel-Nickel Finish---$2195.00

Webley WG, 455 caliber-ID'd to A Major---$1695.00

Webley WG, 455 caliber, ID'd to A Boer War Colonel-Nickel Finish---$1875.00 ON HOLD

Webley WG 476 caliber-Nicke finish--ID'd to a Doctor-with Holster---$1695.00

Webley Wilkinson Self Extracting revolver, 455 caliber, Cold Stream Guards---$2195.00

Webley Wilkinson Self Extracting revolver, 455 caliber, ID'd to a Captain---$1695.00

Webley Wilkinson Self Extracting Revolver 455 caliber-ID"d to A Governor of Queensland---$2795.00

Webley Wilkinson Self Extracting Revolver 476 caliber ID'd with Case---$3995.00

Webley Wilkinson 1892, 455 caliber--ID'd to Scott---$1495.00 ON HOLD
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