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Handguns- Modern A-M > Astra 4000, 7.65, Factory Nickel-USAF Provenance---$1750.00 ON HOLD
Astra 4000, 7.65, Factory Nickel-USAF Provenance---$1750.00   ON HOLD

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PRICE: $1750.00 ON HOLD Astra 4000, 7.65mm, Built in 1959. Full factory nickel finish, white pearlite grips. Mint 99+% nickel and the bore is excellent. This package includes an original unnumbered Astra cardboard box, an extra 380 caliber barrel, spare magazine, cleaning rod and US Army ownership papers from Ramstein Air Force base in Germany, I'd to a captain. Factory Nickel Astra's are very rare in the USA.