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Handguns- Modern  A-M
Post 1898
The Handguns listed here will require an FFL or C&R for purchase. All items are honestly described, with all original finish, matching numbers and proper grips and/or magazines., unless noted within the description. For more information and photographs-Please click on the item of interest.

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Accu-Tec XL-9, 9mm, Stainless Steel with Box---$345.00

Arcus Model 94, 9mm, Hi-Power Copy with Box---$495.00

Arex Rex Zero 1s, 9mm LNIB---$645.00

Arsenal Firearms Strike One-Made in Italy---$1850.00

Astra 300, 380 caliber, Nazi WWII Issue-Full Rig---$1450.00
Astra 300/3 380 caliber-Factory engraved-Nazi WWII History---$15,000.00
Astra 300/3 380 caliber-Factory engraved-Nazi WWII History---$POR$

Astra 400, 9mm Luger with extended barrel---$295.00

Astra 400, 9mm, Nazi Contract of 1941---$1950.00

Astra 600, 9mm, Portuguese Navy Contract-Full Rig---$895.00 ON HOLD

Astra 600, 9mm, West German Police-Full Rig---$875.00 ON HOLD

Atomitronx M1911-A2FS, 9mm, Low Number---$1095.00

Baford Arms 35 Fire Power, 9mm, High Power Copy---$1395.00

Bauer Automatic, 25 caliber-Stainless Steel---$435.00

Bayard 1908, 6.35mm---$635.00

Bayard 1908, 7.65mm, WWI German proofed with Holster---$795.00

Beretta 1919, 6.35mm, Very Late Variation with Holster---$795.00

Beretta 1934, 380 caliber, Dated 1940-1941-Shooter grade---$395.00

Beretta 1935, 7.65mm, Nazi WWII Issue---$745.00

Beretta APX, 9mm-Like New with Case---$445.00

Beretta M9 Special Edition, 9mm-US Army Commemorative Package---$1295.00

Beretta M9A3, 9mm, Desert sand with Case---$995.00

Beretta PX4 Storm, 9mm, Mint in Box---$575.00
Bergmann Simplex 1905-1st Model-8mm---$3695.00
Bergmann Simplex 1905-1st Model-8mm---$4250.00

Bernardelli M-68, 6.35mm-Built in 1957---$375.00

Boltun Pocket, 7.65mm, Geco retailer Marked---$1495.00

Browning Baby, 6.35mm, Geco Retailer Marked-Full Rig-Rare---$2250.00 ON HOLD

Browning FN 1903, 9mm---$1695.00

Browning 1903, 9mm---$1895.00

Browning 1905, 6.35mm-Russian Contract---$2950.00

Browning 1905, 6.35mm-Factory Nickel---$1250.00

Browning FN 1905, 6.35mm, Geco Retailer Marked-Full Rig---$2150.00

Browning FN 1906, 6.35mm, Austrian dated 1929 with holster---$995.00

Browning 1910, 7.65mm, Czech proof/dated 1931 with extended barrel---$1350.00

Browning 1910, 7.65mm, Police PS Marked with matching magazine-Full Rig---$1195.00

Browning 1910/55, 380 caliber---$595.00

Browning 1922, 7.65mm, Late Issue Nazi issue-Full Rig---$845.00

Browning 1922, 7.65mm, Akah Retailer marked---$1350.00

Browning 1922, 7.65mm, Nazi WWII Issue-Post-War rework---$595.00

Browning 1922, 7.65mm, Post-War with Box---$765.00

Browning Hi-Power, 9mm, Pre-War Military-Excellent---$2995.00
Browning Hi-Power, 9mm, Rare Nazi Test Proof Only---$2650.00
Browning High-Power, 9mm, Rare Nazi Commercial Test Proof Only---$2850.00

Bryco Arms Jennings Nine, 9mm with Box---$225.00

BUL Cherokee, 9mm, Like New in Case---$695.00

Canik 55 TP-9, 9mm Like new in case---$425.00

Canik 55 TP9, SFX, 9mm LNIB---$535.00

Caracal Model C, 9mm-Like New with Case---$895.00

Charter Arms Pitbull, 9mm Federal, Like New in Box---$595.00

Chinese M20 Tokarev, 7.62mm-Korean War Era---$1450.00

Chinese Type 54 Tokarev, 7.62mm-VietNam Era-Full Rig---$1950.00

Chinese Warlord Colt 1911A1, 9mm---$1795.00

Chinese Warlord High Power, 9mm, Tangent Sight & Stock slot---$2150.00

Chinese Warlord High Power copy, 9mm, Unmarked---$1450.00

Citadel M1911A1-FS, 9mm-Like New in Case---$575.00

Citadel M1911A1 FS, 9mm with case---$545.00

Clement 1909, 6.35mm with Holster---$875.00

Cobra CB9, 9mm, Over & Under Derringer---$179.00

Colt Combat Commander, 45 acp, Built in 1976---$1395.00

Colt Commando, 38 Special with USAF Provenance---$2450.00

Colt Government Model, 45 acp, built in 1913---$2875.00

Colt Government Model, 45 caliber with Provenance---$2975.00

Colt Government Model, 45acp, MK IV, Series 80, Mint in Case---$1595.00

Colt Junior, 25 caliber-Built in 1973-Superb---$525.00

Colt New Police, 32 caliber-Cincinnati Police Department Marked---$795.00

Colt 1877 Lightning, 38 caliber, Built in 1903---$1275.00

Colt 1902 Military, 38 Caliber, Built in 1919---$2950.00

Colt 1902 Military, 38 caliber, Built in 1920-Outstanding---$4795.00

Colt 1902 Sporting, 38 caliber-Front slide serrations--$2495.00

Colt 1905, 45 acp, Built in 1906 with Letter---$3450.00

Colt 1905 USMC Revolver, 38 caliber, with Letter---$3850.00

Colt 1908, 25 caliber built in 1920 with Holster---$725.00

Colt 1908-25 caliber-Pearl grips with Box---$1895.00 ON HOLD
Colt 1911 General Officers Suitcase Set---$9500.00
Colt 1911 General Officers Suitcase Set---$10,950.00

Colt 1911A1, 45 acp, Remington Rand Slide-WWII Era---$1575.00

Colt 1917, 45ACP, US Army Revolver---$1195.00

Colt Model 2000, 9mm, All American 1st Edition---$1350.00

Colt Official Police, 38 caliber-Holland Michigan Police Issue---$795.00

Colt Police Positive, 32 Colt-Mint in Box---1595.00

Colt Police Positive, 38 caliber with Box---$1175.00

Colt Police Positive, 38 Caliber-Railway Express Marked---$895.00

Colt Police Positive Special, 38 Special, US Marked with Letter---$3250.00

Colt Police Positive, 38 Special-Built in 1920---$325.00

Colt Service Model Ace, 22lr, US Property marked---$6495.00

Colt Woodsman1st Issue, 22lr, built in 1941 with Box---$1595.00

Colt Woodsman Sport, 22lr-Mint in Box---$2450.00

Crown City Arms 1911A1, 9mm, Shooter grade---$575.00

CZ Duo, 6.35mm, Czech Dated 1943-Geco Retailer marked---$1095.00

CZ Jaga, 6.35mm, Czech proof/dated 1939 with Holster---$895.00

CZ-24, 380 caliber, Czech Proof/dated 1929---$745.00

CZ-24, 380 caliber- Czech Dated 1929---$875.00

CZ-27, 7.65mm, Nazi WWII Issue---$635.00

CZ-27, 7.65mm, Nazi WWII Issue-Early Full Rig---$1095.00

CZ-27, 7.65mm, WWII Nazi Issue with Holster & Capture Paper---$1450.00

CZ-38, 380 caliber, Nazi Era-Full Rig---$1195.00

CZ-75, P-01, 9mm with case---$695.00

CZ-100, 9mm, Like New in Box---$735.00

Dan Wesson PM 9, 9mm, Stainless Steel with case---$1095.00

Davis DBL9, 9mm, Over & Under Derringer---$149.95

Deneke & Co Double Action revolver, 6.35mm-Nazi Eagle N proofed---$795.00

Detonics Pocket 9, 9mm, Full Stainless Like new in Box---$695.00
DGFM Colt 1927 45 acp-Factory Presentation grouping---$6995.00
DGFM Colt 1927 45 acp-Factory Presentation grouping---$6995.00
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