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Handguns- Modern  A-M
Post 1898
The Handguns listed here will require an FFL or C&R for purchase. All items are honestly described, with all original finish, matching numbers and proper grips and/or magazines., unless noted within the description. For more information and photographs-Please click on the item of interest.

CZ-38, 380 caliber, Nazi Issue-Super Rare---$4995.00

CZ-45, 6.35mm, Czech proof/dated 1947-Mint---$745.00 ON HOLD

CZ-75, P-01, 9mm with case---$695.00

Charles Daly CD9, 9mm with case---$475.00

Dan Wesson PM 9, 9mm, Stainless Steel with case---$1095.00

Dardick Model 1500-38 Caliber with Box---$3450.00 ON HOLD

Davis DBL9, 9mm, Over & Under Derringer---$149.95

Deneke & Co Double Action revolver, 6.35mm-Nazi Eagle N proofed---$795.00

DGFM FM-Hi-Power, 9mm, Hi-Power Clone---$765.00
DGFM Colt 1927 45 acp-Factory Presentation grouping---$6995.00
DGFM Colt 1927 45 acp-Factory Presentation grouping---$6995.00

DGFM 1927 Colt, 22 lr, Buenos Aires Police Trainer---$975.00

DGFM 1927 Colt, 45 acp, Santa Fe Argentina Police Issue---$1395.00

Diamondback DB9, 9mm, Like New in Case---$295.00

Diamondback Firearms FS Nine, 9mm---$425.00

Double Tap Defense, Tactical Pocket Pistol, 9mm-LNIB---$445.00

Dreyse 1907, 7.65mm, late Model---$645.00

Dreyse 1907, 7.65mm, WWI German Imperial proofed-Full Rig---$795.00
Dreyse 1910, 9mm-Very rare---$8950.00
Dreyse 1910, 9mm-Very rare---$8950.00

Enfield No 2, MKI*, 38 S&W-Tanker Model dated 1939---$695.00

Essex 1911A1, 9mm, Shooter Grade---$535.00

FEG MBK-9HP, 9mm, High Power Copy---$495.00

FEG PJK-9HP, 9mm, High Power Copy---$595.00

FMK 9C1, 9mm-Low Number---$395.00

FN FNP-9, 9mm-LNIB---$475.00

FN FNS-9, 9mm, Two-tone with Case---$525.00

French 1935-A, 7.65mm, Nazi WWII Issue-Excellent---$1750.00

French 1935-S, 7.65mm-Full Rig with Navy Holster---$795.00

Frommer 1910, 7.65mm, Hungarian Proofed---$4975.00 ON HOLD

Frommer Stop, 7.65mm, Hungarian WWI Issue---$1095.00

German Single Shot Target Pistol-22 caliber-A.F.Stoeger Marked---$1395.00

Girsan Chiappa MC27E, 9mm-Alloy frame---$375.00

Glock Model 48-9mm-Black & Nickel---$645.00

Grand Power K100, 9mm, Like New in Case---$675.00

Grand Power P1, 9mm-Like New in Case---$545.00

Grand Power X-Calibur, 9mm-LINB---$795.00

Guidelamp FP-45, 45 acp Liberator Pistol---$2350.00

Gunworks M9, 9mm Over & Under Derringer---$265.00

Haenel Schmeisser Model 1, 6.35mm with Box---$895.00

Haerens Tojhus Bergmann 1910/21, 9mm-Nazi Rework---$3950.00

Hafdasa Ballester Molina, 45 acp, Argentine Navy---$975.00

Hafdasa Ballester Molina, 45 acp-Eva Peron Foundation Issue---$1095.00

Hafdasa Ballester Rigaud, 45 acp-Argentine Army Issue---$795.00

H&R Double Action Revolver-38 S&W---$365.00
H&R Self Loading 25 Caliber-Experimental Series---$2995.00
H&R Self Loading 25 Caliber-Experimental Series---$2995.00

H&K Model VP9, 9mm with case and Extras---$675.00
Heinrich Moritz Hei-Mo, 7.65mm, Extended barrel---$1495.00
Heinrich Moritz Hei-Mo, 7.65mm, Extended barrel---$1495.00

Helwan 1951, 9mm, Made in Egypt---$445.00

Hi-Point Model C, 9mm---$165.00

High Standard Model B, 22lr, 6" barrel-Superb---$895.00

High Standard Model HB, 22lr, 6 3/4" barrel---$525.00

High Standard Model GE, 22lr, Built in 1948---$745.00

High Standard Military, 22lr-Supermatic Citation---$745.00

Hopkins & Allen New Model Vest Pocket Parrot Beak, 22 caliber---$1995.00

Hudson CH9, 9mm-LINB---$1295.00

Hungarian Hi-Power Copy, 9mm---$1195.00

Indian Ordnance MKIA, 9mm, Like New in Case---$975.00

IMP PHP-MV, 9mm, Croatian Military Issue---$545.00

Inglis Hi-Power MKI*, 9mm, Full Stocked Rig---$2975.00

Iver Johnson 1911A1, 9mm, Excellent with Case---$575.00

IWI Jericho 941 RBL, 9mm-Like New in Case---$645.00

IWI Masada 9 ORP, 9mm with box---$495.00

Jennings Bryco 58, 9mm-Like New in Box---$195.00

Jennings Bryco 59, 9mm---$185.00

Jiminez Arms J.A.Nine, 9mm in original box---$195.00

JoLoAr 1924, 9mm-Unique One Handed Pistol---$1075.00

Kahr PM9, 9mm-Like New in Case---$565.00

Kel-Tec PF-9, 9mm, Like New in Case---$295.00

Kimber Micro 9, 9mm, Two-Tone with Box---$645.00

Kimber Micro 9 ESv, 9mm with Box---$795.00

Kimber Solo Carry, 9mm-Two-tone-Like new in Box---$575.00

Kimber Ultra Carry II, 9mm-Stainless Like New with Case---$875.00

Kommer Model 2, 6.35mm, German Crown N proofed with Holster---$745.00

Kommer Model 2, 6.35mm, Nazi Eagle N with Holster---$1075.00 ON HOLD

Kommer Model 2, 6.35mm, German Crown N proofed---$1075.00

Lignose Model 2, 6.35mm---$795.00

Lignose Model 3, 6.35mm, Long Grip---$1250.00 ON HOLD

Kommer Model IV, 7.65mm, Rare German Crown N Proofed---$1795.00

Liliput Model 1926, 7.65mm-Very Early---$1350.00

Lionheart LH9, 9mm, Like New in Case---$875.00

Llama XV, 22lr, Chrome Engraved---$875.00

Llama XI-B, 9mm with box---$525.00

Lone Wolf Glock G17, 9mm-Early Model---$595.00

Z.M.Lucznik MAG 98, 9mm-Polish Eagle with Box---$1095.00
Luger Kreighoff-Engraved-Gold Plated--$NFS$
Luger Kreighoff-Engraved-Gold Plated--$NFS$

Luger DWM 1900 American eagle, 30 caliber---$1695.00

Luger DWM 1906 American Eagle, 30 caliber---$3650.00

Luger DWM 1900 American Eagle, 30 caliber---$3850.00

Luger 1906 Navy, 9mm, 1st Issue Altered---$6750.00

Luger 1906 Portuguese M2, 30 caliber with Holster---$2150.00

Luger DWM 1906 Portuguese Navy 9mm---$3995.00

Luger 1906 Swiss Cross in Shield, 30 caliber---$2950.00

Luger 1906/24 Swiss, 30 caliber---$2995.00

Luger Erfurt 1911, 9mm, WWI & WWII-HZa Rework---$2250.00

Luger DWM 1916, 9mm-German WWII Issue---$2175.00

Luger Erfurt 1917, 9mm-Police Rework-2 matching magazines & Holster---$4450.00

Luger DWM 1917 Artillery, 9mm, German Military with Stock---$3950.00

Luger DWM 1917 Artillery, 9mm, matching stock-Full Rig---$7495.00

Luger DWM 1918, 9mm, German WWI Issue-Matching magazine---$3250.00

Luger DWM 1920, 9mm, Weimer Era Police-SD marked-Matching magazine---$2750.00

Luger DWM 1920 Commercial, 30 caliber---$1395.00

Thanks for looking-We offer a large selection of original holsters, grips and magazines as well.