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Handguns- Modern  A-M
Post 1898
The Handguns listed here will require an FFL or C&R for purchase. All items are honestly described, with all original finish, matching numbers and proper grips and/or magazines., unless noted within the description. For more information and photographs-Please click on the item of interest.

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Luger DWM 1920 Commercial, 30cal---$1750.00

Luger DWM 1920 Commercial, 30 caliber-Nice---$1850.00

Luger M23 Finnish-30 Caliber-Military Issue--$2150.00

Luger 1929 Police Sneak, 9mm-Blank Toggle---$2495.00

Luger Swiss Bern 1929, 30 caliber---$1995.00

Luger S/42-1937, 9mm, 1st Variation, WWII Issue---$2795.00

Luger S42/1937, 9mm, Late Variation, Nazi WWII Issue---$2750.00

Luger S/42-1938, 9mm, Nazi WWII Issue-2 Matching Magazines-Full Rig---$5250.00

Luger 42-1940, 9mm, Nazi WWII Issue---$2150.00

Luger BYF 41, 9mm, Nazi WWII Issue-Matching magazine---$3475.00 ON HOLD
Luger Mauser Banner-Post-war French Occupation---$3950.00
Luger Mauser Banner-Post-war French Occupation---$3950.00
MAB LeChasseur, 22LR, Factory Case with Accessories---$1175.00
MAB LeChasseur, 22LR, Factory Case with Accessories---$1175.00

Mamba Model 1, 9mm, Made in South Africa---$875.00

Mauser 1896 Bolo, 7.63mm---$975.00

Mauser 1896 Broomhandle, 7.63mm, Pre-War Commercial---$2650.00

Mauser 1896 Broomhandle, 7.63mm with Stock---$2375.00

Mauser 1896, 7.63mm with matching stock---$3250.00

Mauser 1896 Broomhandle, 7.63mm, WWI Military Issue with stock---$3750.00

Mauser 1896 Broomhandle, 7.63mm, Treaty of Versailles Rework---$3250.00

Mauser 1910, 6.35mm, late Side latch-Full Rig---$1250.00

Mauser 1910, 6.35mm, Early production---$695.00

Mauser 1910/34, 6.35mm, Late Model---$895.00

Mauser 1914, 7.65mm, WWI German Issue with Capture Paper & Holster---$1650.00

Mauser 1934, 7.65mm, Nazi WWII Issue---$1875.00

Mauser 1934, 7.65mm, Nazi WWII issue-Full Rig---$2250.00

Mauser HSc, 7.65mm, 1st Nazi Contract with Capture Paper---$1150.00

Mauser HSc, 7.65mm, Early Nazi Eagle 135 proofed---$1475.00 ON HOLD

Mauser HSc, 7.65mm, Late War Nazi Issue---$1095.00

Mauser Model 90DA, 9mm, Hi-Power Copy---$945.00

Mauser WTP I, 6.35mm---$575.00

Mauser WTP II, 6.35mm, Tiny Vest Pocket pistol---$1650.00 ON HOLD

Melior New Model, 6.35mm, Geco Marked with Holster---$1875.00

Menta Pocket, 7.65mm, WWI Era-Full Rig---$1450.00

Menz Liliput, 6.35mm, Very early Model---$1175.00

MKEK American Tactical 92, 9mm with box---$395.00
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Thanks for looking-We offer a large selection of original holsters, grips and magazines as well.