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Handguns- Modern N-Z
Post 1898
The Handguns listed here will require an FFL or C&R for purchase. All items are honestly described, with all original finish, matching numbers and proper grips and/or magazines., unless noted within the description. For more information and photographs-Please click on the item of interest.

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Nambu Type 14, 5.9 date, 8mm-2 matching magazines with Holster and Rod---$2495.00

Nambu Type 14, 9.2 date, 8mm, all matched-Superb---$1695.00

Nambu Type 26 Revolver-9mm-Full Rig---$1575.00

OWA VP, 6.35mm, Austrian dated 1922 with Holster---$575.00

Ortgies Vest Pocket, 6.35mm, Rare Factory Nickel---$575.00

Ortgies Pocket, 7.65mm, Early Model, Full Rig--$745.00

Radom WZ-35, 9mm Polish Eagle Dated 1938-Vet War Trophy---$3450.00

Remington Model 51, 380 caliber with Original Box---$1875.00

Remington Model 51, 380 caliber with Original Box---$1975.00

Remington Model 51, 380 caliber with Original Box---$1975.00

Remington Double Derringer-Over & Under, 41 caliber---$1095.00

Remington RP 9, 9mm, LNIB---$425.00

Rock Island Armory MAPP, 9mm, Like New with Case---$425.00

Rock Island Armory MAPP-FS, 9mm, Like new in case---$525.00

Rock Island Armory M1911A1CS, 9mm-Like New in Box---$595.00

Rohm Double Action Revolver, 38 S&W---$165.00

Roth-FEG 1907, 8mm-Hungrian Issue---$1995.00

Ruger American-9mm, Pro-Duty-Like New---$595.00

Ruger MKII, 22 lr, Built in 1982-1st Year production---$445.00

Ruger Security 9, 9mm with box---$395.00

Russian 1895 Nagant Revolver, 7.62mm, Dated 1919---$675.00
Russian PSM 5.45 caliber-2 matching magazines-Mint in box---$10995.00
Russian PSM 5.45 caliber-2 matching magazines-Mint in box---$11,500.00

SAR Arms SAR B69, 9mm, Like New in Case---$345.00

SAR Arms SAR K2P, 9mm, Like New in Box---$345.00

SAR USA CM9, 9mm, with case---$345.00

Sauer Bar Pistol, 7mm, 2 barrel-4 shot---$1475.00

Sauer 1913, 7.65mm-Full Rig---$695.00 ON HOLD

Sauer 1913, 7.63mm, German WWI Proofed---$895.00

Sauer 38H, 7.65mm, Late-War Police Eagle F proofed---$1150.00

Savage 1907, 32 caliber, Cutaway-Display---$1675.00

SCCY CPX-2, 9mm-Like New in Case---$285.00

SIG-Sauer P6, 9mm Nordrhein Westfalen Police issue---$845.00
SIG Sauer P-225 P6, 9mm, Mated Pair---$2495.00
SIG Sauer P-225 P6, 9mm, Mated serial number pair---$2495.00
SIG Sauer P-230, 9mm, Aargau Police marked---$945.00
SIG Sauer P-230, 9mm, Aargau Police marked---$895.00

Sig-Sauer P290, 9mm, Very early Number---$595.00

Sig-Sauer P239 Scorpion, 9mm LNIB---$945.00 ON HOLD

SIG-Sauer P365, 9mm-LNIB---$675.00

SIG-Sauer P320, 9mm, Like New in Box---$645.00 ON HOLD

SIG-Sauer P938, 9mm, Like New in Case---$945.00

S&W 38 Safety Hammerless-5th Model with Box---$1295.00

S&W 38 M&P Revolver, 4th Change with Box---$895.00

S&W M&P 9, 9mm-Black-Stainless with case---$575.00

S&W M&P 9 Shield, 9mm, Like New in Box---$475.00

S&W M&P, 9mm-Pro 9 Series, Like New with Case---$595.00

S&W Model 1905 M&P, 38 Special, Factory Nickel---$745.00

S&W Model 469, 9mm---$545.00

S&W Model 986, 9mm with Case---$895.00

S&W New Departure, 2nd Model, 32 S&W-Nickel-Pearl-Mint in Box---$1475.00

S&W 1913, 32 caliber-Rare-Superb---$3875.00

S&W 1913, 35 caliber, 8th Type---$545.00
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Thanks for looking-We also offer a large selection of original holsters, grips and magazines.