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Handguns- Modern N-Z
Post 1898
The Handguns listed here will require an FFL or C&R for purchase. All items are honestly described, with all original finish, matching numbers and proper grips and/or magazines., unless noted within the description. For more information and photographs-Please click on the item of interest.

S&W 1917 Revolver, 45 caliber-US Army Model---$1795.00

S&W SD9 VE, 9mm, LNIB---$395.00

S&W SD9 VE, 9mm, Two-Tone with Box---$395.00

S&W SW 1911, 9mm, Pro Series with Case---$1250.00

S&W Victory, 38 special, US Navy with Letter---$1795.00

Spanish 1916, 7.65mm-French Contract-Matching Magazine---$595.00

Spanish Principe, 6.35mm-Factory Engraved with Holster---$675.00

Springfield Armory EMP 9mm, LNIB---$1195.00

Springfield Armory XDm9, 9mm Match Pistol Set---$645.00

Springfield Armory XDS-9, 9mm-LNIB---$535.00

Springfield Armory Model 1911A1, 9mm-Stainless---$745.00

Stallard Maverick JS-9mm with Case---$179.00

Standard Arms of Nevada SA-9mm-with Box---$210.00

Star Model B, 9mm, Nazi WWII Issue-B-Issue Number---$2975.00

Star Model B, 9mm, Nazi WWII Issue---$2795.00

Star Ultra Star, 9mm with Case---$395.00

Steyr 1908/34, 7.65mm, Police SW Marked-2 matching magazines-Full Rig---$4450.00

Steyr Hahn 1911, 9mm, Czech Standing Lion proofed---$2150.00

Steyr Hahn 1911, 9mm, Chilean Contract---$1795.00

Steyr Mannlicher 1905, 7.65mm, Argentine Contract---$1850.00

STI International BLS-9, 9mm with Case---$735.00

Swiss Bern 1929 Revolver, 7.5mm with Red grips-Full Rig---$875.00
Swiss 1882 Revolver 7.5mm with Shouder Stock---$3850.00
Swiss 1882 Revolver 7.5mm with Shouder Stock---$3850.00

Tanfaglio Witness, 9mm with Case---$995.00

Tanfaglio Pavona Witness, 9mm with case---$375.00

Tanfaglio Targa GT-380, Chrome Engraved-Mint in Box---$875.00

Taurus PT-809, 9mm LNIB---$345.00

Taurus PT-709, 9mm, Like New with Case---$375.00

Taurus PT 24/7, 9mm, Like new with Case----$475.00

Taurus TH 9C, 9mm-Green/Black---$395.00

Tisas American Tactical CS 9, 9mm-Like new in the Box---$335.00

Tisas American Tactical FS9, 9mm-Like New in Box---$395.00

Tisas American Tactical HP9, 9mm-Like New in Box---$365.00

Tisas Regent SP 1, 9mm,with Case---$445.00

Tisas Zigana K, 9mm with case---$335.00
Tokarev Chinese Type 54, 7.62mm, Vietnam era, Full rig---$1650.00
Tokarev Chinese Type 54, 7.62mm, Vietnam era, Full rig---$1850.00

Tressitu Mitchell Arms Double action, 9mm, Like New with Case---$495.00

Union Long Grip, 6.35mm-Bank of France---$595.00 ON HOLD

Unique Model 17, 7.65mm, Nazi WWII Issue---$875.00 ON HOLD

Union Switch & Signal 1911A1, 45 acp, Experimental, Pre-production Trial Run Pistol---$10,995.00

Walther Creed, 9mm with Case---$445.00

Walther Model 8, 6.35mm, 1st Variation---$975.00

Walther Model 8, 6.35mm, 2nd variation-Swell---$1075.00

Walther Model 9, 6.35mm---$575.00

Walther P-38, AC 43, 9mm, Nazi WWII Issue---$1295.00

Walther P-38, BYF 43, 9mm, Nazi WWII Issue---$1375.00

Walther P-38 BYF 43, 9mm-Mated Serial Number Pair----$3875.00

Walther P-38, BYF 44, 9mm, Gray Ghost-Nice---$3795.00

Walther P-38, 9mm, CYQ, Nazi WWII Issue---$1350.00

Walther P-38 CYQ, 9mm, Nazi WWII Issue---$1295.00

Thanks for looking-We also offer a large selection of original holsters, grips and magazines.