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New Arrivals
The Firearms Listed Here will require an FFL or C&R to purchase-unless noted as an Antique. Not all magazines, grips and holsters will be posted in New Arrivals. Please check the inventory or you may call, if you do not see an item listed that you are looking for. All items are honestly described and rated with all original finish, matching numbers and proper grips and magazines, unless noted within the description. For more information and/or pictures pictures, click the item to open the tab. New items do tend to go quickly-Please contact me to reserve your item(s) of interest. Thank You

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BELOW WERE ADDED MAY 17-Still on Holiday, please email for contact-Thanks

Beretta 1934-1935 Holster-WWII Era---$225.00

Colt 1911A1, 45 acp, Remington Rand Slide-WWII Era---$1575.00

Diamondback DB9, 9mm, Like New in Case---$295.00

Dreyse 1907, 7.65mm magazine-clip---$125.00 ON HOLD

Luger 1906/24 Swiss, 30 caliber---$2995.00

Ortgies Model 1, 22lr Boys Rifle-Very Nice---$425.00 ON HOLD

Walther PPk Holster, WWII Era---$245.00

Wilkinson Cold Stream Guards Sword-W. F. Miller Provenance---$745.00
BELOW WERE ADDED MAY 15-Still on Holiday-Please email for contact

Beretta 1934-1935 Holster-WWII era---$125.00 ON HOLD

Browning Baby, 6.35mm-Outstanding---$745.00

Colt 1908, 380 caliber, 1st Issue, Built in 1910---$1850.00 ON HOLD

Crown City Arms 1911A1, 9mm, Shooter grade---$575.00

Husqvarna 1907, 9mm, Swedish Military-Full Rig---$975.00

Radom P-35 Holster- Nazi WWII Issue---$375.00

Sauer 1930-Behorden, 7.65mm magazine-clip---$135.00 ON HOLD

S&W M&P 9 Shield, 9mm, Like New in Box---$475.00

Walther Model 7, 6.35mm magazine-clip---$135.00

Webley Mark VI, 45 acp, Naval marked revolver---$1295.00
BELOW WERE ADDED MAY 13---On Holiday, Please email for contact

Beretta 1935, 7.65mm, WWII Era magazine-clip---$125.00

Colt 1902 Military, 38 Caliber, Built in 1919---$2950.00

Colt 1911A1, 45 caliber, "A" marked magazine-clip---$115.00

Connecticut Arms Hammond Bulldog, 44 caliber, Factory engraved---$1975.00

DGFM FM-Hi-Power, 9mm, Hi-Power Clone---$765.00

Double Tap Defense, Tactical Pocket Pistol, 9mm-LNIB---$445.00

Langenhan Army Model Holster---$295.00

Luger DWM 1900 American eagle, 30 caliber---$1695.00

Mauser HSc Holster, Nazi issue, dated 1944-Outstanding---$475.00

Webley Mark IV, 38 S&W, Singapore Police Force Issue---$675.00

Asian 1911A1, 7.62mm, Copy of a Remington Rand---$2850.00

Beckwith Single Shot Flintlock Pistol, 11mm---$1150.00

Beretta 1934, 380 caliber magazine-clip---$110.00

Colt 1903 Hammerless, 32 caliber magazine-clip---$165.00

Colt Official Police, 38 caliber-Holland Michigan Police Issue---$895.00

German Herr Flare Pistol, 26.5mm-Zinc with Holster---$1395.00

Iver Johnson 1911A1, 9mm, Excellent with Case---$575.00

Walther PPk, 7.65mm, Cottbus Marked-Full Rig---$2850.00

Walther PPk Holster-SS Pattern with side magazine pouch---$195.00 ON HOLD

Browning 1910/55, 380 caliber---$645.00

CZ P39T-CZ-38 Holster-Nazi Issue---$495.00

Haenel Schmeisser Model 1, 6.35mm magazine-clip---$110.00

Kimber Ultra Carry II, 9mm-Stainless Like New with Case---$875.00

Luger S/42-1937, 9mm, Late Variation, Nazi WWII Issue---$2750.00

Ortgies Pocket, 7.65mm, Early Model, Full Rig--$745.00

Radom WZ-35, 9mm Polish Eagle Dated 1938-Vet War Trophy---$3450.00

Russian 1895 Nagant Revolver, 7.62mm, Dated 1919---$675.00
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You may purchase Non-Firearms items directly through the appropriate tab. Thanks