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New Arrivals
The Firearms Listed Here will require an FFL or C&R to purchase-unless noted as an Antique. Not all magazines, grips and holsters will be posted in New Arrivals. Please check the inventory or you may call, if you do not see an item listed that you are looking for. All items are honestly described and rated with all original finish, matching numbers and proper grips and magazines, unless noted within the description. For more information and/or pictures pictures, click the item to open the tab. New items do tend to go quickly-Please contact me to reserve your item(s) of interest. Thank You

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BELOW WERE ADDED AUGUST 9-Please email, as we are on Holiday-Thanks

Astra 600, 9mm, West German Police-Full Rig---$875.00

Bernedo Vest Pocket, 6.35mm-Mint--$1175.00 ON HOLD

CZ Duo Brown Grips---$95.00

Luger Artillery Cleaning Rod---$245.00

M1 Carbine 30 caliber KSG magazine-clip---$35.00

S&W Model 1913, 32-35 caliber magazine-clip---$145.00

Steyr 1908/34, 7.65mm, Police SW marked, matched magazine-Full Rig---$1875.00

Tokarev Type 54 Holster-Vietnam Era---$145.00 ON HOLD

Walther PPk, 380 caliber, Nazi Wartime-Full Rig---$4250.00

Weiner Waffenfabrik Little Tom, 6.35mm-Dated 1925-Nice---$1395.00

Zehner Zehna 6.35mm, Excellent in the box---$1575.00

Browning 1922 Holster- Luftwaffe proofed---$375.00 ON HOLD

Colt 1851 Navy Revolver Grips---$295.00

Colt 1903-1908 Grips-1st Issue--$195.00

Colt Service Model Ace, 22lr, US Property marked---$6495.00

Llama XV, 22lr, Chrome Engraved---$875.00

Walther PP, 7.65mm, SA Gruppe Hochland-Full Rig---$6950.00

Walther P-38 Holster, WWII era-Rare Code-$695.00

Webley No2 RIC, 442 caliber, The British Bulldog---$975.00 ON HOLD

Western Arms No 52, 32 caliber Baby Hammerless with Box---$1095.00 ON HOLD

Astra 900 Cleaning Rod----$475.00 ON HOLD

Astra 3003, 7.65mm, Factory Engraved & Silver Plated---$3450.00 ON HOLD

Browning FN Baby, 6.35mm, Pre-War---$395.00 ON HOLD

Colt 1911, 45 acp, Springfield Manufacture magazine-clip---$645.00

Luger 42-1940, 9mm, Nazi WWII Issue---$2150.00

Mauser 712 Schnellfeuer, 7.63 mm 10 shot magazine-clip---$225.00

OWA VP, 6.35mm, Austrian dated 1922 with Holster---$475.00 ON HOLD

Ruger Old Model Bearcat, 22lr, with Box---$595.00

S&W 32 Double Action, 32 S&W with Box---$1275.00

Walther PPk Holster, WWII Era---$265.00

Walther P-38 Grips-WWII Era---$185.00 ON HOLD

Bauer Automatic, 25 caliber-Stainless Steel---$435.00

Galesi Model 506, 6.35mm, Made in 1966---$345.00 ON HOLD

Mauser WTP I, 6.35mm, with Holster---$645.00 ON HOLD

Savage 1917, 32 caliber with Box and Provenance---$1850.00 ON HOLD

Walther Model 9, 6.35mm, Factory Engraved---$1095.00

Walther PP Holster, WWII Era---$145.00

Webley 1910 Automatic, 38HV, with Holster---$4250.00

Colt 1902 Military, 38 caliber, Built in 1920-Outstanding---$4795.00

Luftwaffe Drilling M-30 Manual---$475.00 ON HOLD

Luger DWM 1906 Portuguese Navy 9mm---$3995.00

Luger Artillery Holster-WWI Era---$395.00

M1 Carbine Magazine, 30 caliber-15 Round IW Code---$40.00 ON HOLD

Mauser 1910 Holster---$125.00

Praga Praha, 6.35mm, Akah Logo, Nazi Eagle N with Holster---$2850.00 ON HOLD
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You may purchase Non-Firearms items directly through the appropriate tab. Thanks