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New Arrivals
The Firearms Listed Here will require an FFL or C&R to purchase-unless noted as an Antique. Not all magazines, grips and holsters will be posted in New Arrivals. Please check the inventory or you may call, if you do not see an item listed that you are looking for. All items are honestly described and rated with all original finish, matching numbers and proper grips and magazines, unless noted within the description. For more information and/or pictures pictures, click the item to open the tab. New items do tend to go quickly-Please contact me to reserve your item(s) of interest. Thank You

Mauser 1910/34, 6.35mm magazine-clip---$165.00

Mauser HSc, 7.65mm, Early Nazi Eagle 135 proofed---$1475.00 ON HOLD

Sauer 38H, 7.65mm magazine-clip---$185.00 ON HOLD

Walther Model 5, 6.35mm, 2nd Variation---$595.00 ON HOLD

Walther PPk, WWII Era black Grips---$225.00

Zehner Zehna, 6.35mm, with Holster and Ammo Tin---$795.00

Browning FN 1906, 6.35mm, Austrian dated 1929 with holster---$995.00

CZ Duo, 6.35mm, Czech Dated 1939 & Israeli Proofed with Holster---$1295.00 ON HOLD

CZ Duo, 6.35mm magazine-clip---$90.00

Kommer Model 2, 6.35mm, German Crown N proofed with Holster---$745.00

Mauser HSc, 7.65mm, WWII Era magazine-clip---$165.00

Norwegian Kongsberg 1914 Holster---$245.00 ON HOLD

Radom P-35, 9mm, Nazi marked magazine-clip---$195.00 ON HOLD

Sauer 1930 Behorden, 7.65mm magazine-clip---$115.00 ON HOLD

Walther PP, 7.65mm, Nazi WWII issue---$1350.00

Astra 300 Holster-Nazi WWII Issue---$155.00 ON HOLD

Astra 600, 9mm, West German Police-Full Rig---$875.00

Browning FN 1922, Holster-CDC 43- Nazi WWII Issue---$265.00

CZ-27, 7.65mm, No Serial Number-Kriegsmarine Holster-Full Rig---$3250.00 ON HOLD

Mauser 1910, 6.35mm, late Side latch-Full Rig---$1250.00

Mauser 1934 wooden Grips---$175.00

Nambu Type 14, 19.3 date, 8mm, Matching Magazine-Cool Number---$1675.00

Prussian 1839 Socket Bayonet---$225.00

Seam Vest Pocket, 6.35mm, Spanish Built in 1931---$235.00 ON HOLD

Walther PPk, 7.65mm, 1 million Serial Number range---$2650.00 ON HOLD

Webley 1908, 7.65mm magazine-clip---$165.00

Astra 200, 6.35mm, 3rd variation-Full Rig---$495.00 ON HOLD

Browning 1905-1906,6.35mm, with Japanese Officers Private Purchase Holster Rig---$1875.00 ON HOLD

Browning 1910, 7.65mm magazine-clip---$65.00

Colt 1903-1908 Grips-1st Issue--$195.00 ON HOLD

CZ Duo, 6.35mm, Nazi Eagle N & Akah Logo-Full Rig---$2250.00 ON HOLD

H&R Self Loading, 32 caliber magazine-clip---$125.00

Kommer Model IV, 7.65mm, Nazi WWII Era---$1695.00 ON HOLD

Luger 9mm, #8657-1 magazine-clip---$185.00

Mauser HSc, 7.65mm, WWII Era magazine-clip---$155.00

Rast-Gasser 1898 Revolver Holster---$195.00 ON HOLD

Astra 200, 6.35mm magazine-clip---$85.00

Bayard 1908, 6.35mm magazine-clip---$125.00

CZ-24, 380 caliber magazine-clip---$135.00 ON HOLD

Mauser 1910, 6.35mm, AF Stoeger NY retailer marked-Full Rig---$1975.00 ON HOLD

Mauser Hsc 7.65mm, WWII era magazine-clip---$175.00 ON HOLD

Menz Liliput, 6.35mm, Very early Model---$1175.00

Simson 1927, 6.35mm, Late Model with Holster---$1095.00

Spanish Bascaran Martian 7.65mm, Geco retailer marked with holster---$975.00 ON HOLD

Walther Model 8 Holster---$395.00 ON HOLD

Walther PP, 7.65mm, Late war Nazi Issue with Beechwood grips-Mint---$2150.00 ON HOLD

You may purchase Non-Firearms items directly through the appropriate tab. Thanks